The Digital Revolution of film making has begun. 35mm film is rapidly becoming obsolete, it is too expensive and time consuming to work with. In today’s modern age, film producers have to keep up with the rapid pace and demand of the movie-hungry public. It is no longer acceptable to take one whole year to produce a film, - it is a waste of time and money. It must be done in half that time and at half the cost too. We are committed to showing the Sri Lankan film community how the use of Digital film cameras, which record straight to hard drive memory - are faster, cheaper, and in some cases, are even better quality than using 35mm film stock. We are also committed to show how Sri Lankan cinema can be changed from its traditional one-camera angle takes, and excessively slow paced shots, to more faster paced multi-camera angle shots that deliver more excitement and entertainment value in storytelling on the big screen. And finally we are also committed to demonstrating the need for Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and Visual FX in film making, as it is a technology that is used extensively in Hollywood and Bollywood and has been mostly ignored due to lack of understanding by the Sri Lankan film making community. Our mission is to change Sri Lankan cinema. Won’t you please join us?
We are a privately owned production company based in Colombo, Sri Lanka that handles all aspects of film, television, documentary, music video, and advertisement production. We are also an equipment rental house that specializes in Digital cameras and Visual Special Effects. We specialize in offering full service packages for your production, from camera, lights and sound, to tracks, jib cranes, steady cams, crew cabs, generators and transport vans. We take the full responsibility of making your production a success, so don’t leave anything to chance.

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