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The Sony PMW-F3 - April 2011

Sony Releases its first 35mm sized sensor Digital camera! Comparable 2K resolution  to Red Digital, ArriAlexa, and Panasonic AF100.  35mm Film has officially become obsolete... Still records onto SxS cards, and takes BPU 30 and 60 Batteries (same as Sony's EX1 & EX3 models).
See Sony Website for more Details: Sony PMW-F3

VFX - JosephVaz.mp4
VFX - JosephVaz.mp4

The Panasonic AG-AF100 March 2011

Panasonic releases its 4/3rd inch Sensor Digital Camera.  Makes possible for adding of Cine Lenses, Zeiss, and SLR lenses directly to camera body.   Extremely good performance in low light.  Beats the Canon 5D Mk11 with professional XLR sound recording capabilities and longer record time.  Also has fixed 5D MKII issues such as Rolling Shutter, Moiré, and Aliasing effects.  Records to very affordable SDHC (upto 32GB capacity) and SDXC cards (64GB to 2 TB! capacity).
See Panasonic Website for more Details: Panasonic AG-AF100

PanasonicAF100 LowLight Test PhilipBloom

Arri goes Digital!

Introducing Arri Alexa.

Arri branches into the Digital Market with its new Camera named: ALEXA. Records to SxS cards, has interchangeable lenses attached direct to the body. Records on 2k Digitalformat.
SeeArri's Website for more Details: Arri Alexa

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